HTFU Fitness coaches are 100% dedicated to helping everyone achieve their individual goals and will go above & beyond to make this happen. They can relate to the members as they have been through the same challenges themselves.

The passion the coaches have towards health & fitness is second to none.


Aaron Cartwright

Founder & CEO, HTFU fitness


Aaron grew up playing competitive sports as early as 5 years old. he played various sports including cricket, tennis, hockey, rugby & Aussie rules.

His passion was aussie rules, winning multiple awards & being appointed captain & co-captain of several teams.

Aaron struggled with his weight most of his life but began boxing training at 15 years old which changed his life, giving him the confidence to achieve the goals he always wanted.


Aaron is still an active player in competitive aussie rules football & also trains muay thai for fun.

aaron's unique training style & energetic personality has seen him succeed in the health & fitness industry as a sought after fitness coach.